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Women's Health

What is Women’s Health Physiotherapy? 
With female pelvic health physiotherapy, we assist and treat women with problems or conditions surrounding the pelvis and pelvic floor. We approach this aspect of physiotherapy holistically and with the greatest sense of care and respect in order to gain optimum function and personal satisfaction for our clients. The age range of women we can treat range from women starting their first menstrual cycles to those post-menopausal and in between. 

Why do we offer Women’s Health Physiotherapy? 
Maya Angelou once said, “I'm interested in women's health because I'm a woman. I'd be a darn fool not to be on my own side”. This a field that is quite personal. Women’s health therapist, take the utmost care in ensuring that your overall needs are met. This is the most personal area someone has and everyone is different in terms of their level of vulnerability and personal space. How we treat you versus another client will be according to your comfort and understanding. We want to alleviate those who feel like they are suffering in silence or feel embarrassed by the conditions they feel cannot be solved because it has been deemed taboo or have felt that these are conversations that can’t be held in the open. We want to create awareness and normalcy surrounding what affects us women the most by utilising our skills and knowledge in order to educate, promote, assess and treat people who don’t know that there was a solution to the problem they face. 

Why should I see a Women’s Health Physiotherapist? 
We would like to close the gap and ensure that there is a space where you can openly discuss the matters that are most important to you. While Physiotherapy has standard assessment procedures, specialising in women’s health gives us the opportunity to look at you holistically and manage more than what lies beneath the surface. You may have just had a child, have issues controlling your bladder or bowel or may experience be experiencing pain in your pelvic floor. This is all treatable conditions that can be addressed by seeing a local women’s health physiotherapist. 

What can I see a Women’s Health Physiotherapist for? 

Ante Natal/post Natal

You can be treated across all 4 stages of pregnancy(All three trimesters as well the post-natal stage for any concerns,             aches or pain affecting you and your wellness)

Post-surgical matters (For Breast and Pelvic Floor)

This can range from Mastectomies in order to work on lymph drainage and range of motion of joints/ pain surrounding your chest o improve lymph drainage). We can also assist for patients who have had bladder or pelvic floor operations/procedures (e.g. Hysterectomy and post termination patients who experience pain/ discomfort in their pelvic floor)

Oncological Patients (Specifically, Breast, Ovarian, Bladder, Anal) within the context of pain management and relief


Menopausal women


Pelvic dysfunctions in all age groups including; bladder and bowel dysfunctions (Incontinence and Prolapse)


Pelvic Pain (Acute and Chronic)


Sexual dysfunction

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